Goldseekr Hip Stick Adjuster Pin Replacement

$15.00 Inc. GST (Au)

• Suits Goldseekr Adjustable telescopic hip-mounted metal detector support strut – Adjustable length 33-57cm (13-22”)


Goldseekr adjustable Hip Stick Sliding Adjuster Pin Replacement

Ensure continued detecting performance – pack a spare of this functional hip stick part.

Gain Improved Results And Maximise Your Detecting Efforts .

Perhaps the second most important part of the Goldseekr Adjustable Hip Stick after the crucial pivot function of the base is the height/length adjusting mechanism.

In the event of failed glue or other unforeseen circumstance, one can certainly get by with an Adjuster Pin failure by substituting a zip tie, wire, nail or even a stick, but the ability to change with differing coil needs will be lost.

This replacement part has been designed in response to just such a scenario experienced by a couple in remote Western Australia in the hope others would alos find it useful to carry a spare to ensure their season is most productive.  

• Made from a tough, semi-flexible nylon
• Will not crack or break.
• Attach (Pin-end lowest) with supplied zip tie (see below)

How to fit your Bungee Strut


1. Fit the replacement adjuster pin with  the pin-end  to the ground and the zip tie end facing upwards  
2. Wrap the zip tie around the split open loop of the adjuster and continue to  thread the zip tie through its end-slot
3. Check all is in place before tightening the zip tie fully
4. Tighten only as much as needed to close the open split loop on the adjuster. 
5.  Trim away the  excess cable tie and adjust to your preferred length 
6. Attach your detector bungee and you’re good to goo!.

Easy done.

Additional information

Weight .135 kg
Dimensions 45 × 10 × 6 cm

Essential Metal Detecting Accessory For Extended Field Exploration .
• Made in Queensland, Australia.
• Adjustable telescopic hip-mounted metal detector support strut
• Six sizes. Fits every Body.
• Help fully maximise your detecting efforts
• Improves physical endurance and operating comfort
• Enables more ground to be covered
• Adjustable length 33-57cm (13-22”)
• Strong thick-wall carbon fibre tubes
• Unbreakable FlexiTuff base
• Custom ball and socket design
• Built-in belt grip
• Built-in bungee retainer
• Metal Pivot Plate for long product life
• Close-haul operating option: Fit top shaft through harness D-ring
• Replacement Adjusting Pin spares available