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The 'HIP STICK' for every-body...

NEW: Adjustable Bungee Strut

Fully adjustable to six different sizes. From 33cm to 57cm, this ONE hip stick has you covered. You’ll never pick the wrong size!


Some things should never break

NEW – UNBREAKABLE HANDLE FOR SD2100, SD2200, GP3000, GP3500, GPX4000, GPX4500, GPX4800, GPX5000.

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• Townsville Prospecting World, QLD
• Cairns Prospecting World, QLD
• Finders Keepers Gold – Kalgoolie, WA
• The Prospector’s Pick – Bunbury, WA
• Humpty Doo Prospecting – Humpty Doo, NT
• Lucky Strike Gold, Geelong, VIC
• E.E. Day & Sons, Ballarat, VIC