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Some Background

They say that success begins with knowing you are getting the most from your equipment. And when it comes to metal-detecting, have reliable gear, and knowing its limits, will have you reaping the rewards soon rather than later.

Any long-time detectorist will tell you; you need to be sure you are using all the tools available if you want to maximise your chances of scoring more prizes.

Every keen prospector is prepared to go to extraordinary lengths in pursuit of their passion to find gold and precious relics. Considerable personal resources are employed just to get out in nature and arrive at areas, in the hope of finding traces of gold.

Hundreds of kilometers are traveled, often towing caravans and trailers with quad bikes and potable water to go the distance. Much is at risk – including personal safety…  and it all comes down to waving that coil over what one hopes is treasured ground.


The arrival of the SDC2300 in 2014 was viewed by some as a mickey-mouse gimmick – a bone tossed to the consumer to keep them busy until the technology was discovered to build a ‘Real’ metal detector. But before long, the SDC2300 had proven it’s ground, especially in the arena of finding small gold.

This is something the SDC2300 excels at. And while some would rather spend their time chasing a multi-gram prize, once the SDC2300 finds just one sub-grammer, there’s a good chance it will also finds its hidden friends!
– Result? Multiple grams – And more time spent digging the right kind of targets. Not to mention a smile on your face for your efforts!

Two years later in 2016, the reputation of SDC2300 shines through with many seasoned fossickers singling out the SDC2300 as the very best all-round detector for families, one-time buyers and those beginning their gold detecting journey. If you were to own just one pro-sumer gold-finding detector, it should be the SDC2300.

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After a number of years of real-life field testing by SDC operators, a growing list of complaints emerged. It appeared the SDC2300 had a problem. It’s our mission here at Goldseekr™ (formerly SDC2300UpGrades) is to fill the gaps and make real the SDC2300 mods that operators need in order to maximise their success in hunting gold and relics in the field.


The first complaints to surface about the SDC2300 were mostly directed at the irregular power failure that occurred when the coil of the SDC was knocked against a rock, log or something similar. This caused the “C” cell batteries to shift within the battery compartment and momentarily lose contact with each other. Although power was lost only for a microsecond, it was enough to repeatedly cause the unit to restart. I have witnessed this firsthand with the machine restarting numerous times in the space of 10 minutes. Utterly frustrating and time-wasting to say the least.

While careful attention to the contacts and taping can help manage the problem, one solid solution is to upgrade the power source of the SDC2300 and convert to lithium with a Battery Adapter Upgrade Kit. This will eliminate the issue once and for all. It also offers some welcome side benefits including a 200g reduction in weight!


While the folding arm rest on the SDC2300 is a plus for making the unit compact, it has been at the expense of ergonomics and smoothly engaging and disengaging from the unit physically.

The strap which helps secure your arm to the armrest is part of the problem, particularly when fitting into and disengaging your arm with the unit. Additionally, the arm rest itself, due to it’s folding capacity, allows the unit too much movement near the elbow. This results in wasted energy and poor accuracy in placing the coil in the desire position over the ground. A variety of solutions have been created for this. From a 30min quick knock-up from PVC pipe in the home workshop, to CAD designed 3D printed braces, the problem has been widely experienced by enough to warrant time and attention toward a cure.


The folding compact design of the SDC2300 is quite an innovation as far as metal detectors go. To do this, all manner of funky technology had to go into a small space about 60cm long, 22cm high, and a width barely greater than 7cm. The tall and narrow body of the detector forms the the heaviest part.  And when placed on uneven ground with just a slight lean, it falls over on its side – and the attached coil finds itself perpendicular to the ground. This of course happens repeatedly just when you need to test your diggings by waving a scoop full of dirt over the coil. With the coil facing sideways into  the neighboring bush, time is spent (yet again) to right the equipment so that your diggings can finally be tested for a target within.


No one I have spoken to has been able to fathom the logic of designing the SDC2300 with the speaker facing away from your ears! Our sensory channels are all that we have that connects us to the detector. While learning to ‘read’ the detector’s audio signals is part of the art, not being able to hear them clearly due to the position of the speaker appears like a design compromise. One solution is headphones, but that just doesn’t work in the hotter times. So our solution, while not the first or only one in the world, has been to develop and manufacture an acoustic reflector that ticks just a few extra boxes:

1. It still allows the SDC2300 to be fully folded and compact.
2. It is made of an unbreakable material.
3. It fits so well it takes some focused effort to remove it from the SDC2300.

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GOLDSEEKR™ – SDC2300 UpGrades & Accessories

Our mission is plain and simple: To help people make finding gold easier.
We don’t have the smarts cutting edge electronics, and we can’t supply or complete an upgrade to your prospecting skills and knowledge, so we focus on streamlining the ways the machine is physically used, and on improving small but influential shortfalls in design, which altogether maximise your field-time efficiency.  Our SDC2300 accessories and upgrades aim to reduce time-wasting interruptions, and vastly improve power, weight and user ergonomics for greater success in the field.


We focus mostly on improving your detecting efficiency. This includes adding extra time on the ground by using better battery options that eliminate battery changes in the middle of you day, and through improved interface with the machine. We are so confident that our Li-Ion Battery Adapter Kit is the most advanced solution of its type available, if you can show us a more advanced option, we will send you our kit for free.

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The ‘JUMBO’ 5000mAh 50E 21700 cells with our custom terminal locator safety CAPS supply 18-24hrs run-time. These are the largest batteries your SDC2300 can take.


A lot of thought has gone into ensuring our adapters are the very best available. Our cutting edge battery adapter design offers hands down the best balance of material strength and weight for the job it does and comes with a 1year replacement warranty. If an improvement can be done, you can rest assured we will do it first so that you can reap the benefits sooner.


Our five senses are all that connect us with the SDC2300 detector. Therefore, any improvements in this area are worthwhile. This includes:

1. WEIGHT – that you carry all day long!
2. ERGONOMICS – how your body moves with and carries the machine.

3. AUDIBILITY – the crucial link between the target, the machine, and you.

Optimising these factors not only means better detection ability, but more energy to cover more ground more easily and with less fatigue. Overall, that’s the purpose and mission of Goldseekr™ . In a nutshell, that’s what our products aim to deliver:

– Better detecting performance = getting the most from your time in the field.

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If you find yourself with questions, please feel free to call or get in touch (best via email as I do spend time out in the field as much as I can).
email: info @ goldsekr • Com


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Gold from Mt. Hogan Treasure Chase. North Queensland, 2018. Found with a Minelab SDC2300

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