Goldseekr-RADiAL Action Telescopic Carbon Fibre Swing Arm for Minelab GPZ7000

$125.00 Inc. GST (Au)

Goldseekr-RADi∆L™ Action Telescopic Carbon Fibre Swing Arm for the Minelab GPZ7000 delivers extended next-level swing arm functions through our reliable innovative RADi∆L™ action mechanism.


The new Goldseekr RADiAL Action telescopic swing arm delivers unmatched coil control for your GPZ7000 through innovative functional design and reliability.

See “ADDITIONAL INFORMATION” above for further details.

Goldseekr-RADIAL-Action-Telescopic-Carbon-Fibre-Swing-Arm-for-Minelab-GPXZ7000.013-1-450x450 Goldseekr-RADiAL Action Telescopic Carbon Fibre Swing Arm for Minelab GPZ7000

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Additional information

Weight 0.190 kg
Dimensions 66 × 6 × 6 cm

• Suites MINELAB GPZ7000.
• Innovative new captive ball and socket pivot assembly
• FlexiTUFF Nylon fittings with internal fill.
• Thick-wall twill carbon fibre telescopic shafts
• 55-80cm adjustable length
• Improved textured ergonomic handle
• Twist lock shaft extension function
• Three position push-button shaft lock
• Push-pull Stow Catch for single handed detecting
• Dual-bolt assembly
• Textured non-slip shaft-grip surface minimises on-shaft wear
• 45˚ Vertical handle movement for use on slopes, banks and uneven ground
• Coil articulation function allows 'steering' of oval coils
• Articulation function may reduce shoulder rotation
• Improves function, feel and reliability.
• Save costs on replacing broken GA 10 squiggles over time
• Minimises downtime to maximise your efforts
• Provides unmatched Coil Control and placement
• Helps improve field endurance
• 1yr replacement warranty


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