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G’day. I’m Peter.

Welcome to Goldseekr®
This website is all about helping people make finding gold a little more enjoyable and easier.
Here’s how it all got started.👇


OK, so I can’t put you on a virgin reef, or send you the coordinates to lucrative diggings, but by using the products I make, you can help smooth the pathway so you’ll have that extra spring in your step and that sparkle in your eye to enjoyably spend just another 5 minutes swinging, and actually walk right over your next big patch!
In my opinion, if you’re willing to help yourself, chances are you’ll draw more help toward your progress as well – and that can come to you on any level✨

Goldseekr® products simply aim to deliver a bunch of detecting hacks that improve every second of your field time: That means improving your ‘clock time’, ‘money invested time’ and ‘moment-to-moment enjoyment time’.

Whether that occurs through convenience, speed, efficiency, improved control, less effort, making you laugh, or just through helping you keep a smile on your dial and end the day with less pain and more comfort, the metal-detecting upgrades and accessories I offer can help with all that. Win/Win/Win.


My grandfather worked the Peko gold mine at Tennant Ck through the mid 1900s. My dad worked there as a young teenager in the 1940s but wound up a pioneer of Great Barrier Reef tourism in North Queensland. He was an artist at heart;  a creative guy who was pulled forward by his own inspiration to either design something better, or make something completely new. He was able to see crossroads of opportunity – that place where new technology and a need for change meet together. In my dad’s case it was coral and fast catamarans. For me it was gold and 3D printing.

I can blame my start in gold detecting on the Goldhounds (youtube) channel. I was inspired, and figured I could tick enough boxes detecting in my local region to at least discover if it held any full-time promise. My gold adventures began in mid 2015 with a GPX 4500, and over time (like many of you), I became aware of a number of shortfalls in design of the 4500 detector. They were no huge deal breakers, but rather a string of smaller issues that compounded negatively on all the effort that gets put into a day of detecting… especially when you’ve traveled 100’s of km to do so.


Another interest of mine at the time was additive manufacturing – aka, 3D Printing. Like a chip off the old block, I saw a chance, and with some skills in graphic design, went and launched the worlds first dedicated magazine app on the topic of 3D printing.  Sourcing the many articles for each publication I learnt a thing or two, and before long I found myself out detecting with fresh new solutions coming to mind about the shortfalls I was having as I was using my GPX4500.


My interest with the SDC2300 came after I invited a friend to detect over some ground I had thoroughly detected with my GPX4500. I had tried every coil I owned, borrowed another, and used every setting I could (as a newbie) but not a signal was to be had. My mate came in with his SDC2300 and sniffed out another 12g! Needless to say, the SDC had my attention! Then once again, while using the SDC for myself, I found new shortfalls. First off the rank was battery performance. But there was to be much more. And you can read more on the development of the products on the ‘about’ page.



The rest, as they say, is history. But technology will continue to evolve, as it did with Coiltek®’s new accessories for the SDC2300. That brought its own shortfalls. And new needs led me to create new products that makes SDC2300 coil swapping super fast and easy.

So is that it for the SDC2300? Right now, I don’t know what the future will bring. But I can tell you one thing that is on my mind… that pesky 4500!

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Here’s to helping you make finding gold, easier.

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