Carbon Fibre Minelab Metal Detector Handle Upgrade

$85.00 Inc. GST (Au)

Minelab GPX5000 Accessory
Heavy duty handle for upper shaft diameter: 22-23mm (7/8″)
• Comes with EVA Foam grip (fit with soapy water OR thin plastic bag)
• Strap guides for clear handle access and release.
• Fix broken strap loops with our ‘Strap-loop fix kit’
• Built-in Coil cable retainer at base of handle.
• Textured contact surface improves shaft grip
• FlexiTuff material will not break in temps above 0˚C
• Re-Use your own Screws, Strap and Quick-track/Balance button


UNBREAKABLE HANDLE for Minelab SD, GP and GPX5000 Machines

Goldseekr-UNBREAKABLE-HANDLE-UPGRADE-for-Minelab-GPX5000-4 Carbon Fibre Minelab Metal Detector Handle Upgrade
A Versatile Replacement Handle You Can Rely On. 
GoldSeekr™_Minelab-GPX-EZ-Swing-Compact-Control-Arm-2 Carbon Fibre Minelab Metal Detector Handle Upgrade

Get peace of mind when replacing the handle for your Minelab SD, GP, or GPX5000 machine.

Modern technology and materials allows what used to be impossible in terms of manufacturing to deliver a strong, flexible product with internal layering that means it will never crack or break even under heavy use (if the operating environment is above freezing).


• Improved reliability

• Improved handle access means no more ‘Strap-trap’ to get your hand caught in!

• Easy to transfer your existing old parts (strap, screws, hand grip) to the new item. 

• Keeps your coil cable tidy under the handle

• Ground balance button recess for later machine.

• Ground balance smart point cable recessed for improved protection.

• Handle-top plug fills balance button recess when fitting to older machines.



• Tough, UV hardy copolyamide Nylon with custom layered infill

• Strap support guides ensure open handle access and eliminate ‘strap trapping’ of you hand.  

Installing the  handle.  



Take caution not to pinch the ground button cable when sliding on to machine shafts with ground balance features.

Additional information

Weight 0.10 kg
Dimensions 25 × 8 × 6 cm

Goldseekr Carbon Fibre DETECTOR HANDLE UPGRADE for MINELAB and other machines upper shafts 22-23mm (7/8"):

Minelab SD2000, Minelab SD2100, Minelab SD2100V2, Minelab SD2200, Minelab SD2200V2, Minelab GP Extreme, Minelab GP3000, Minelab GP3500, Minelab GPX4000, Minelab GPX4500, Minelab GPX4800, Minelab GPX5000

• Guard against downtime and equipment failure
• Supplied strap guides support easy open user handle access and equipment handling without 'Strap-Trapping' your hand.
• Included EVA Foam Handgrip (fit with soapy water)
• Inbuilt recess for quick-track ground-balance button and cable (alternative handle-top plug included for non-button machines)
• Built in coil cable retainer under handle base.
• Parts and template also supplied for fixing broken strap loops.

– Strap
– Screws
– Smart Point /Quick-track balance Button
Please re-Use your own.


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