Ez-Access Coiltek Coil Plug Panel – for Minelab SDC2300

$29.99 Inc. GST (Au)

SDC2300 Upgrade Accessory.
* Save Time and Avoid Frustration
* Makes Changing SDC2300 Coils Fast and Easy!


SDC2300 Ez-Access 'flip open' COIL PLUG PANEL

For use with CoilTEK® Gold Extreme® Accessory Kit

Goldseekr™ Minelab SDC2300 Easy Access Coil Plu Oanel for Coiltek gold extreme Accessory shaft
Ditch the Allen keys and give yourself Easy Access with this super hand upgrade.

Quickly and easily swap all of your Coiltek® and/or SDC2300 coils.

Don’t waste time fumbling with Allen keys and bolts! With The EZ-Access Coil Socket Cover you just flip open the panel, swap over your coil cables and come back swinging – every time!

• Made from a tough, flexible, UV hardy Plasticized Copolyamide
• Durable nylon hinge is made to last.
• Super easy to fit and use!

Installing the SDC2300 Easy-Access Coil Plug Panel

You will need a suitable Allen Key Tool for this task.

  1. Simply remove both panel bolts and retain one as a spare.
  2. Remove the existing coil plug panel.
  3. Fit the EZ-Access Coil Plug Panel, and gently tighten the upper bolt.
  4. Press the lower panel to clip onto the SDC2300 body and coil socket housing.
    – Super Easy!

Additional information

Weight 0.027 kg
Dimensions 14 × 8 × 3 cm

• FlexiTUFF Nylon with robust living hinge.
• Uses existing SDC coil panel screws (x1) for attachment.
• Use with Coiltek® Gold Extreme® Coil accessories kit.
• 1yr replacement warranty