COIL ADAPTER SLEEVE – suits Minelab SDC2300 with coiltek coils

$99.99 Inc. GST (Au)

Minelab SDC2300 Upgrade Accessory.
– Folding Coil Adapter SLEEVE
• Use with Coiltek® Gold Extreme® Accessory kit
• Makes Changing Coils Fast and Easy!
• Retains SDC2300 Folding Ability


SDC2300 Quick-Fit Folding Coil Adapter

For use with CoilTEK® Gold Extreme® Accessory Kit

Switching back to your waterproof SDC2300 coil is now SUPER EASY! 

Just attach the Quick-Fit COIL ADAPTER to your SDC2300 coil ONE TIME – and you are good to get swinging – anytime you’re ready! 

• Made from a tough, flexible, UV hardy Plasticized Copolyamide Nylon
• Super Lightweight – weighs only 50g
• Uses your existing SDC lower knuckle coupling and adjusting screws, plus one supplied wing nut/bolt and nylon collar bush (or reuse your O-ring).
• Does not interfere with the inner coil-cable O-ring seal (located inside back section of the SDC coil) .

To fit this item, only the black knuckle tail section is removed from the SDC2300 knuckle coupling 

•• Persevere with carefully getting the curly coil cable through tail as you remove it. –  You only need do it ONCE!

•• Service/replace the knuckle O-ring
•• Consider fitting a coil collar guard/knuckle protector.


• Eliminates the frustration of threading chains back through the SDC shaft

• Ensures your SDC2300 has a waterproof coil option

• Swap to your Minelab SDC2300 coil in just minutes

• Maintains the folding ability of your SDC2300 for compact transport

• Retains full articulated movement and adjustment of your SDC2300 coil

• Helps make your gold finding efforts easier


• Robust copolyamide Nylon with customised strengthened infill

• Super lightweight at just 40g

• Strengthened collar

• Securely attached with supplied bolt and wing nut

• Cable locator plug lets you fit the curly cable easily

• Accommodates the cable locator pin within the elbow

• Includes nylon ‘O-ring’

Installing the SDC2300 Quick-Fit Coil Adapter 


With the COILTEK® Accessory kit fitted to the SDC2300; l
ocate your SDC2300 COIL:

  1. Remove the short plastic knuckle pivot screws from knuckle joint.
  2. Carefully separate the black knuckle tail and cable pin from the lower knuckle.
  3. Slide the tail to end of the coil cable and remove – you only need do this once!.
  4. *If you wish to replace the O-ring in the knuckle, now is the time to do that. Optionally you can use the supplied nylon bush. Carefully lever it into place with a blunt flat blade or screwdriver.
  5. Remove the cable retainer plug from the top of the Quick-Fit Coil Adapter
  6. Thread the SDC cable plug into the round opening and pass it out of the plug hole.
  7. Slide the cable through the adapter and connect the adapter into the lower knuckle.
  8. Re-fit the cable pin into the recess within the adapter, then replace the cable retainer plug.
  9. Fit the Coiltek® lower shaft into the Fast-fit adapter and push firmly until it is seated. Alternatively you may choose to remove the rubber wear pads on the lower shaft to make this easier but be sure to keep them safe to use with your Gold Extreme® coils!!
  10. Secure the adapter to the lower shaft with the coil wing nut/bolt and gently tighten the knuckle screws as suited

Optional Coil Plug Panel cover (see products for this item):

11. Remove coil socket cover plate bolts on SDC body.
12. Wrap SDC curly cable around SDC shaft and fit to coil socket.
13. Refit cover and tighten top bolt
14. Keep all parts.

Additional information

Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm

• FlexiTUFF Nylon with internal fill.
• Push-on Sleeve type fitting
• Supplied Plastic bolt/nut
• Includes nylon O-ring bush
• Use with Coiltek® Gold Extreme® Coil accessories kit.
• 1yr replacement warranty


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