Flexituff Coil Collar Guard – for Minelab SDC2300

$24.99 Inc. GST (Au)

SDC2300 Upgrade Accessory.
– COIL COLLAR GUARD (knuckle protector)
* Necessary to Protect Your Investment
* Guards Knuckle Case From Ground Wear
* Cable Tie is Retained And Protected


SDC2300 Coil Collar Guard

Protect Your Investment With This Simple Add-on.

Goldseekr™-Minelab-SDC2300-Coil collar knuckle Guard protector
Cable Tie Is Retained In The Case And Also Protected From Ground Wear.

Cheap insurance That Protects Your Gold-Finding investment.

The Coil Collar Guard protects a part of your Minelab SDC2300 Gold detector that is located right next to the business end of your machine – the coil. This area is in frequent contact with rocks, logs, sticks and other obstacles throughout a day of gold detecting and needs to be maintained accordingly.

While the coil has a replaceable skid plate, the coil pivot (aka, knuckle) has remained vulnerable to damage in the field. Fitting your Minelab SDC2300 with a Coil Collar Guard will give you peace of mind knowing the ‘rough end of the stick’ is not going to become the weakest link in your investment.

• Made from a tough, flexible, UV hardy Plasticized Copolyamide
• Will not crack or break.

Installing the SDC2300 Coil Collar Guard

You will want to cut the cable tie after fitting.

  1. Fit the guard to the underside of the coil knuckle.
  2.  Thread the cable tie through and zip tight; cut off excess cable tie.
    You’re done. 

Additional information

Weight 0.015 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 cm

• FlexiTUFF Nylon.
• Retained and protected cable tie
• 1yr replacement warranty